John S. Wilson, Sheriff

Phone (989) 539-7166

Phone (989) 539-7166

Control room: Ext 4238

Lt Bryan Dunn                    Jail Administrator                           Ext 4249

Sgt Aaron Houle                Assistant Jail Administrator       Ext 4244

To deposit money or order commissary for an incarcerated inmate visit or call 1-866-422-6833

For information on video visits and calls visit

Name Title Email (989) 539-7166
Lt. Michael Bailey Administrative Lieutenant 4242
Sgt. Ryan Schmidt Patrol Sergeant 4388
Sgt. Steven Sentz Patrol Sergeant 4304
Sgt. James Dawson Patrol Sergeant 4389
Sgt. Lawrence Kahsin Patrol Sergeant 4308
D/Sgt. William Sharp Detective Sergeant 4312
D/Sgt. David Aldrich Detective Sergeant 4324
Deputy Kelli Bailey Deputy Sheriff 4314
Deputy Nicholas Oster Deputy Sheriff 4341
Deputy Thomas Brown Deputy Sheriff 4316
Deputy Donald VanBonn Deputy Sheriff 4313
Deputy Ashley Dawson Deputy Sheriff 4352
Deputy Daniel Parks Deputy Sheriff 4354
Deputy Michael Heugel Deputy Sheriff 4227
Deputy Paul West Deputy Sheriff 4254
Deputy Zachary Noble Deputy Sheriff 4224
Deputy Eric Steffens Deputy Sheriff 4315
Deputy Nathaniel Bladecki Deputy Sheriff 4256
Deputy James Chinavare Deputy Sheriff 4257
Deputy Joshua Riffe Deputy Sheriff 4318

Records Division


Accident Reports:  May be obtained online at:

All other records may be requested in writing by completing a FOIA Request for Public Records Form and emailing to


The Clare County Sheriff's Office operates on a live scan fingerprint machine, a machine that digitally scans and transmits fingerprints to the State, who in return sends the results directly to the requesting agency, usually via email within days of receipt.

Costs for prints may vary, depending on reason for prints.  Payment is expected at the time of prints, and you must bring your Michigan Driver's License or Identification Card.  Additionally, paperwork indicating the reason for prints must be presented.

In order for prints to be electronically submitted, the requesting agency (ex: school) has an identifying Agency Number that is required for transmission.  Check with your employer for this number.  Bring a notice in writing requesting that you be fingerprinted with the Agency Number, Agency Information, your Name and Information, and Reason for prints (ex: SE for School Employment).

Typically, the machine is available Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM, excluding holidays. Persons are advised to call ahead to inquire about fees.  We do not always have change available, so exact cash, check, or money orders is appreciated.  We are unable to accommodate children while you are being fingerprinted, so please make prior arrangements.

Please contact the front office during normal business hours for more information at 989-539-7166, ext. 4220




Paper Type/Service

  Base Fees
Notice of Abandonment 13.00
Adjournment of Mortgage 8.00
Affidavit of Account/Statement 26.00
Civil Bench Warrant 40.00
Default Judgment 40.00
Demand for Non-payment 23.00
Ex-Parte Restraining Order 26.00
Evictions 40.00
Executions 40.00
Forfeiture Notice L/C 23.00
Garnishment 23.00
Incorrect Address 13.00
Levy under Writ of Execution 40.00
Mot/Possession Pending Judgment 26.00
Notice to Quit/Terminate 23.00
Note of Sale/Execution 26.00
Orders - Miscellaneous 26.00
Order to Show Cause 26.00
Post of Prop-Mortgage Sale 23.00
Personal Protection Orders 25.00 Pre-payment Required
Request & Order to Seize Property 40.00
Summons & Complaint 26.00
Sheriff's Sale 50.00
Seizure/Delivery of Goods 40.00
Seizure of Property 40.00
Subpoena 26.00
Claiming Title Under Tax Deed 23.00
Writ, Affidavit, and Bond 26.00
Restitution of Premises 40.00
The fees listed above are the base fees.  They DO NOT include allowable mileage or any other fees allowable to effect service.

Current Mileage Fee:   .9825 per mile






For all information pertaining to weekly mortgage foreclosure sales, please email to be added to the weekly email list.



OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE: Court Security – Part Time
DEPARTMENT: Clare County Sheriff Department
REPORTS TO: Court Security Coordinator / Corrections Lieutenant
DATE: Until position is filled
APPROVED BY: Undersheriff


The Court Security Officer will carry out all duties assigned by the Court Security Coordinator Lieutenant to oversee the daily operations of the Clare County Sheriff Department Court Security Division.


Must be at least 21 years of age

Must possess a high school diploma/GED

Must possess a concealed pistol license


As scheduled monthly by the Court Security Coordinator.


This is a uniformed position.


  • Prepare all daily paperwork at the County Jail.
  • Distribute paperwork to the appropriate courts and parole / probation officers.
  • Retrieve court dockets for the day. Distribute them via e-mail to the appropriate people.
  • Compile list of inmates to be brought to the court during the day and submit a list to the corrections corporal.
  • Provide security in the court rooms.
  • Bring inmates to the appropriate courts for hearings and trials in a timely fashion.
  • Assist patrons in the courthouse with directions to departments in the building.
  • Be available to assist the Judges, Magistrate and Courthouse Staff in the day to day operations of the Court System.
  • Check the courthouse office alarm system on a monthly basis to insure they are in proper working order.
  • Patrol the interior and exterior of the building checking for any hazards or security issues. report any potential security issues to the Court Security Coordinator.
  • Be familiar with all areas of the court building in case of an emergency.
  • Be familiar with “Lock Down” procedures.
  • Perform the daily court security operations of the department.
  • Posses good communication skills and communicate regularly, professionally and respectfully with Supervisors, Command Staff and other Staff, the public, inmates and others.
  • Report any departmental needs to the Court Security Coordinator or Lieutenant.
  • Must maintain a high level of confidentiality.
  • Other duties assigned by the Court Security Coordinator or Lieutenant.