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    Solid Waste & Recycling

Department of Solid Waste and Recycling
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Hazardous Household Waste & Electronics
Recycling Day

Next Collection Day on:
at Northern Oaks Landfill
513 N. County Farm Rd., Harrison

NOTE:  Limit 100 Lbs. max per household / 6,000 Lbs. cutoff excluding e-waste and used oil


Clare County has Three (3) programs, all free to Clare County residents,
available for recycling and disposal of refuse.

  • Tires: Clare County will accept old tires from the residents of Clare County . Tires may be taken to Northern Oaks Recycling and Disposal Facility located at 513 N. County Farm Road , Harrison , Michigan . Residents can dispose of, for free, up to Four (4) car or light truck tires, per household per year. Commercial, industrial and institutional tires will not be accepted. Northern Oaks Recycling and Disposal Facility is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

  • Blight: The program is designed to assist cities, townships, villages and other non-profit organizations in Clare County to alleviate frustrating influences and deteriorating conditions. For residents who have no other means to get the work done, the county will provide a drop-off container(s). The sponsoring organization will load the container(s) while sorting out prohibited waste and metals for recycling. The container(s) will be dropped off, picked up, and disposed of, at no cost to residents or sponsors.

    Applications for the Blight Program can be submitted to the Clare County Solid Waste Coordinator after December 1 and before April 30 of each year. The Solid Waste Advisory Committee will choose recipients in June and work will be completed by October.

  • Recycling: Once a month, Clare County will provide to each participating Township in the county a 30 cubic yard drop-off recycling container. Acceptable items to collect are paper (newspaper, magazines, etc.), cardboard, number 1 and 2 plastics, tin and aluminum. The containers are dropped off on Fridays, and picked up the following week. All removals will be performed on Mondays with the exception of Winterfield and Summerfield which will be removed on Tuesdays and Freeman which will be removed on Wednesdays.

For a complete list of acceptable materials and how to prepare them, specific Township drop-off locations, or to print a Clare County Blight Application, see to the Clare County Recycling Guide.

Informational Documents
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