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  Veterans Services

Resources & Services
Available to Children of Military Parents

Click HERE to download the Red Cross SAF Community Resource Guide

Parents and children who have family members serving our country in the military are encouraged to access this information either via the school website or by contacting their child’s principal. There are many resources available which often are not used due to lack of information. Some of these resources include the following:

  • Family Counseling
  • Online Academic Tutoring
  • Financial Assistance with Home Repairs
  • Grants of $500 to Children of Military Parents (available every six months to help pay the expenses related to extracurricular activities)
  • Books, Pamphlets, etc. Dealing with Grief, Deployment, Return from Deployment, and Other Topics
  • The group also learned that there is a Family Assistance Center for military families in Grayling.

The following documents are in PDF format
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Useful Resources for Military Families with Kids:
Community Support Guide for the Military Family ISFAC Resource Guide Mich. ISFAC Contact Information
Homecoming & Reunion Guide Military Child During Deployment Guide Military Family Assistance Contacts
Educator's Guide Educator's Guide (Power Pt. Slides) Educator's Guide: Military Child During Deployment
Poems by Military Family Youths Tips for Teachers Tips for Administrators
  Letter to Principals- Military Families Assistance  

Contact Information:
Renee Haley, Clare County Veteran Affairs
Traci Osterman, Child and Youth Coordinator
Angela Spina, Child and Youth Coordinator



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