Probate & Family Court COVID UPDATE

Honorable Marcy A. Klaus
Chief Judge
Probate Court

17th District Probate Court
55th Circuit Court – Family Division

225 West Main St., P.O. Box 96
Harrison, MI 48625-0096

Court Administrator
 Mark Toaz   
Probate Register 
Josette Given
Friend of the Court
Jamie Raymond 
Juvenile Register
Stacy Swan
Juvenile Probation Officer
Joesph Phillips 
Family Court Clerk
Haley Schanhals

The Court cannot provide legal advice.  Here are some links that you may find helpful. 

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Michigan Court Forms:

Michigan Legal Aid:

Common Forms for Probate

Petition and Order for Assignment

Petition and Order to Open Safe-Deposit Box to Locate Will or Burial Deed

Annual Report of Guardian for a Legally Incapacitated Individual

Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of a Minor

Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of Individual with Developmentally Disability