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     80th District Judicial Court

CLARE (989)539-7173

Officers of the District Court, Clare County

Attorney Magistrate/Court Administrator Karen L. Moore
Court Reporter Linda K. Hawkins
Probation Officer Jennifer L. Tilson

Use the Phone options below when you call the court.

Jury Duty Option 1
Drunk Driving, Driving While License Suspended, or Drug related Offenses Option 3
Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant, DNR or Animal Control Violations Option 4
Other Civil Disputes Option 5
Traffic or MIP Tickets or other Jury Information Option 6
All other criminal offenses Option 7
District Court Probation Option 8
80th District Court: Duties and Responsibilities

District Court is the initial court for all criminal matters, all traffic, DNR, and animal control. Felonies proceed to Circuit Court after arraignment and preliminary hearing. All other matters remain in District Court for trial or other resolution. Trials are either by a jury of 6 or non-jury, heard by the Judge. Cases may be resolved by plea, trial or dismissal.

For civil matters, the District Court handles summary proceedings (landlord-tenant matters, land contract forfeitures), civil suits in which the amount sought is $25,000 or less, and Small Claims matters (suits for up to $5,500, no attorney allowed for either party, decided by the Magistrate). Cases may be resolved by settlements, hearings/trials, or dismissals.

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Schedule of Common Fines & Points

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