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    911 Central Dispatch



1.  Dial the digits 9-1-1 from any residential or coin-operated phone. If your business or school is on a PBX or Centrex system that requires you to dial another digit (often “9” to reach and outside line), dial the digit and then dial 9-1-1 (e.g. 9-9-1-1).

2.  Report the nature of your call (police, fire, medical). Give the location where the incident is happening, your name, and your phone number. Be prepared to answer the dispatcher’s questions in detail. In life-threatening situations, even though the dispatcher continues to ask questions, assistance will have already been dispatched in most circumstances.

3.  If you are reporting a crime, pay particular attention to the suspect’s physical characteristics and clothing. If there is a vehicle involved, get a good description including the color, year, make, and direction of travel. Do not place yourself in danger!

4.  If you are reporting a fire, tell what is on fire, whether anyone is in danger or inside the vehicle or structure, or if there is any danger of explosion. Do not put yourself in danger!

5.  If you are reporting a medical emergency, be prepared to answer certain questions about the patient that will help the dispatcher send the right kind of units. In certain circumstances, you may be given first-aid instructions to help the patient until medical personnel arrives.




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